The life of a police officer is filled with the unknown. And while risk of life and safety is part of the pledge every officer willingly makes to serve and protect his or her community, how does the community repay this unselfish personal commitment?

When a Fort Worth, Texas, teenager brought this question to the attention of her father and then a group of prominent local leaders and many concerned others, they put their heads and hearts together and established Tarrant County Blue to create the opportunity for tangible expressions of appreciation for Fort Worth police officers, especially in time of loss.

What is Tarrant County Blue?
Tarrant County Blue (TCB) is an organization that now boasts more than 40 Board Members that include civic dignitaries, police officials, city and state government representatives, and many other area leaders of business and industry.

"What we learned through extensive research is that police officers’ death benefits barely cover the cost of burial," says Greg Morse, chairman of Tarrant County Blue. “The cash gift we give each fallen officer’s family is not tied to anything except the community’s love and appreciation.”

Donations for Garrett Hull
We are currently requesting donations for the family of Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull. Donations may be made online here or by check to Tarrant County Blue, P.O. Box 1659, Fort Worth, Texas 76101. All non-refundable donations are a tax-deductible contribution.        

How Does it Work?

"The number one reason TCB exists is to provide a cash donation to each fallen officer’s family to express his or her community’s heartfelt condolence and appreciation," says Logan Morse, founding chairman. "And the more people we can attract to join this worthwhile cause, the larger the amount we can contribute."

Watch the interview with Greg Morse, co-founder of Tarrant County Blue, as seen on CBS 11, Oct. 28, 2016. (Link)

Junior Board
The organization has also formed a junior board which will be comprised of young adults (high school). In lieu of the $100 membership fee, teen members will be asked to donate 100 hours. These hours will include assisting with things such as babysitting, yard mowing, and the mentoring and tutoring of children of the fallen officer's family.

Want to know more?
For more information about TCB, or to join, make a donation, or find about more about starting a similar organization in your community, please contact Sammie Slocum, secretary of TCB, at 817-303-5911, or email

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